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Your Primary Source for Nonprint Educational MediaAbout NICEM

Company Information

The National Information Center for Educational Media is in its fifth decade of providing service to educators and others who use educational media.

NICEM is a division of Access Innovations, Inc., a global leader in the information industry. Access has expanded its capabilities over time to encompass all aspects of electronic publishing.

Our Mission

NICEM was established on and remains committed to the principle that instructional media offer tremendous potential for improving learning.

The center exists to optimize the opportunities for using media in all realms of education. In order to fulfill its mission, our staff seeks out information about educational media and then transforms that information into an accessible and useful form.

For over thirty years NICEM has been serving the library, academic, business, and research communities with audiovisual reference indexes, making the information available to the widest possible audience.

The Film and Video Finder

The audiovisual database that NICEM has assembled represents the most comprehensive collection of information about educational nonprint materials in existence. Our editors work diligently to enter information from media distributor catalogs into the NICEM master file, focusing on media produced in North America and Great Britain, thereby keeping the database current and accurate.

NICEM's database contains over 440,000 bibliographic records, representing 640,000 items of nonprint materials that cover all subject areas, are intended for all age levels, and are disseminated in all formats of media. Producer and distributor information in each record then leads the searcher to the source, supplying ordering information for the media of interest.

The NICEM Film and Video Finder Online can also be used as a cataloging tool since the records are available in MARC-tagged format.

NICEM also licenses the information from our database to companies such as Ovid and The Library Corporation for use in their own online and CD-ROM products.